Simultaneous translation equipment

We provide our clients with simultaneous translating and interpreting equipment with the excellence and high quality which todayós market demands.

  • Infrared wireless or radio frequency systems for up to 15 languages
  • Acoustic booths that meet ISO 4043 international standards
  • Highly trained, on-site technicians and assistants

Portable translation system

  • This is recommended for limited spaces, visits to factories or hospitals, and events with up to 100 people
  • It is a wireless system and does not require sound installation or booths

Table-top Interpretation Booth

This is a small booth for two interpreters. It is simple to set up and perfect for small and medium sized events. It is an ideal third option between equipment for an event that requires hours of labor to be set up and a simple portable interpreting equipment system.

Audiovisual Equipment

  • Sound systems for word boosting
  • Standard projections and HD projections ranging from 3500 to 15,000 ANSI LUMENS
  • SD and Full HD videoconferencing and streaming
  • Virtual conference systems: Webex/Teams/Zoom
  • LEDs of different sizes
  • Fixed or for show lighting systems
  • Voting systems
  • Computer notebook and tablet rental

Other services